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We, 5sc3's members, 34 students in total are doing our best in defeating our greatest enemy, SPM to achieve the best result. We take 5 basic subjects with 5 other additional subjects that is ICT, Account, Physics, Chemistry and Additional Mathemathics. Our class techer is Pn Siti Lumazah and she is teaching us the Physics subject. As time goes by, we seemed to attract the teachers' attention in wrong way, but keep in mind that even our attitudes don't meet the teachers' expectation, we are still doing our best for our dearest teachers, our beloved parents and for our respected futures.


Motor tak hidup tanpa kunci , hidup tak cemerlang tanpa ilmu.


This world is way better off with the inventions of advanced technology, so grab this chance, prove ourselves, the ICT students that we can be those who invents the advanced technology.


Monday, March 29, 2010

ta taw na post ap. just upload gambar untuk korg jeh la.

tengs for coming yeh. haha ;D

fieqa rajen kot.

gambar yg len. aliyah upload la. mls pulak. hehe ;))


fieqaCHUCKLE said...

calzmate yg sempoi jugax! tp koliq mane? aha. cian dy, cameraman ta dpt snap pix skali! haa caya larh towk yg dtg ary sabtu tu! siyezly t'kjot nyah coz rmai yg dtg! nice pix! ~lalala ( :

KaisaYutaka said...

haha btol3...
huhu malas ye kau liza~

heart2heartfromthelittleN said...

pic num 3 tu aku amik!!

KaisaYutaka said...

waa smart~! huhu

Sandy said...

semua kelihatan cantik , sebab ? aku ada kat situ lah . HAHAHA :)

KaisaYutaka said...

LOL saz!! xD

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